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What We Do

Deep US Market Insights


 • Affordable Care Act has opened up the hospital market to many more patients, that never before have received medical care. 

• Many more sicker patients are being admitted, and hospital resources are stretched more thin than ever before.

• Patients are left to recover in the ER and Critical Care units due to bed-shortages. 

• Continual nursing resource crisis, sicker patients demand more care and attention.

Qualified Partners

Deep US market insights

    • Not yet ready with a fully funded investment case able to build out own sales and marketing organization, don't let that hold you back from contacting us. 

• Even if pre-revenue, no 510K approval or uncertain about the "de novo" process, we will connect you with qualified regulatory consultants, and US Medtech firms willing to license and fund the product development and FDA application process.

Results Oriented


• Connecting Scandinavian start-ups that are looking for assistance getting matched up with the right partners, to prove the value of the innovation in specialized therapeutic areas. 

• Strong customer orientation and many direct relationships with medical thought leaders, and active specialty clinicians, support staff, hospital administrators & associations across the USA.

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Leveraging Deep US Market Insights To Assist Scandinavian Startups Getting Into The US Market With Novel Patented Technologies Improving The Standard Of Care.

Drop us a line today, and we can get you started on the path to your US commercialization tomorrow. 

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